The Weather is Getting Warmer. Is Your Patio Ready?

As the weather gets warmer and the sun begins to stay out longer customers are wanting to sit outside. It’s time to make sure your outdoor furniture is ready.

Here we provide some tips for cleaning and maintaining your wood furniture.

Freezing weather is the #1 threat to outdoor wood furniture. To lengthen the life of your wood furniture follow these steps:

  • Give the furniture a good cleaning before storage.
  • Store your wood furniture inside during the winter months.

If you do not have an area for storage and have to leave the furniture out all winter, follow these steps to protect it. Remember leaving your furniture outside during the winter is not recommended.

  • Cover the furniture and keep it in a protected area.
  • Consider protecting the wood furniture with paint, water sealers and varnish.

If you have found that your furniture is damaged DON’T THROW IT OUT! You may be able to save it. If you find cracks in the furniture, fill them.

For smaller cracks:

  • Clean out the crack with a knife. Make sure it is free of dirt and splinter wood.
  • Apply the putty with a wood scraper.
  • Smooth the putty over the crack, filling it generously. This will help accommodate for the changes that occur as the putty dries.
  • Wait two days, then sand the putty down, blending it with the furniture surface.

For larger cracks:

  • Clean out the crack with a knife. Cut away any rough edges so the hole is smooth.
  • Cut a piece of wood to match the crack.
  • Cover the patch with carpenters glue.
  • Carefully hammer the patch into the crack.
  • Let the glue dry for 24 hours.
  • Touch up the crack with wood putty (follow the instructions you would for filling a smaller crack).

VOILA! Your furniture is repaired and ready to be used for your outdoor dining area.

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