Dine Out for the Gulf Coast: How Restaurants are Stepping Up to Help

The oil spill along the gulf coast has been called the environments 9/11. But what specific effects is it having for restaurants?

The seafood restaurants serve is becoming more expensive because restaurant owners are having to buy from limited quantity. This leads to higher priced menu items for consumers.

Many restaurants do have backup plans, but these plans are not guaranteed to help keep the prices down. Some restaurants, such as Braxton’s Oyster Bar and Grill, are considering removing menu items because they can’t afford to purchase the seafood.

These issues are not only affecting the areas around the oil spill, but all over the country. Bay Area restaurants have started “Dine Out for the Gulf Coast,” which helps raise money to aid the oil spill victims.

This event takes place for 3 days, although many restaurants involved plan on continuing. During the time restaurants participate, they will set aside a portion of their profits to help those directly affected by the oil disaster and also to support long term restoration of the coast and marshlands.

Some restaurants are contributing a percentage of sales while others are offering specific items to show support for the Gulf Coast.

What issues are you dealing with because of the oil spill? Are you seeing the rise in seafood demand and prices?

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