Home From Chicago: The NRA Wrap-up

This year a few of our employees attended the National Restaurant Association’s annual show and have brought back some very valuable information for you.

In case you missed it:

        • American Metalcraft introduced a wonderful new line of products called Securit. This line includes menu cover, write-on boards and markers, smoker poles and crowd control posts and ropes.  These items are similar to items you may have already seen offered by Central Restaurant Products but they have a unique twist to them. The style of these items could give your restaurant a classic feel.
  • Cambro had a presentation that spotlighted the Versa Food Service System including the Versa Cart, Versa Work Table and more of the Versa accessories.
  • Waring introduced several new items at the show this year. Among these items were revamped waffle makers, spindle drink mixers with LED readouts and a higher-horsepower Margarita Madness blender.
  • Moffat is restyling their line of convection ovens into a classier looking stainless steel. Be watching for it to hit the market soon.
  • Southbend will be adding a new under fired broiler option to their build-my range series. As of now it will only be available on the 6 and 10 burner models.

Be watching our website for these items to become available.

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