Happy 4th of July! How Are You Celebrating?

234 years ago we claimed our independence from Great Britain, today we spend the day celebrating with fireworks, cookouts, visits to the nearest lake, camping and more. How will you celebrate this year?

Many restaurants opt to close down for the 4th of July while others stay open so their customers can eat and enjoy late night fireworks. If you choose to close for the holiday will you have special menu items before or after? If you choose to remain open, what will you be doing?

Here are some festive ideas from Food Network:

Firecracker cocktails: these cocktails are like a festive party in your mouth with the red drink and blue pop rocks. Pour this in a hurricane glass for a really festive look.

Try the Outside-in Burgers for the main course. Serve these in a Red oval baskets that are great for easy cleanup and match the 4th of July theme.

For dessert consider an individual portion of Red, White and Blue trifle cake. Serve in a blue swirl bowl for a more eye catching display.

Mixing and matching these great recipes is sure to liven up your 4th of July specials. Celebrate and enjoy!

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