Guest Writer Series: Memorable Dining Experiences

Welcome to Central Guest Writer Blog Series! We are getting insight from those in the company about events, experiences, food and more. This week we are looking into our staff’s memorable or extraordinary dining experiences from around the country.

Doug Meyer, Vice President of Marketing at Central Restaurant Products, raves about Rudy’s Lakeside Drive-In, a small restaurant on the shores of Lake Ontario in Oswego, NY.

Rudy’s is one of Meyer and his wife’s favorite restaurants and they are planning on eating there again for their 50th wedding anniversary. “We love unique places and spectacular sunsets!” Meyer says. (Rudy’s has been known for having spectacular sunsets.)

The menu has many interesting fried foods such as fried clams, mushrooms and cauliflower. He also mentions Rudy’s salt potatoes and hot dogs with hot sauce. “Real muscle builders!”

Rudy’s is a family owned and operated seasonal lakeside restaurant that opened in 1946. “We are known for our great food, unique service and famous Texas Hot Sauce, the beautiful setting and much more,” says their website.

Over the years, Rudy’s has become an Oswego County landmark and is a very popular summer destination. They encourage all to visit their restaurant if you are in the area. “You’ll be glad you did.”

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