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The Guest Writer Blog Series is a weekly portion of the Central Blog. Each month we get insight from those in the company about events, experiences, food and more.  The month of August is dedicated to our staff’s memorable or extraordinary dining experiences from around the country.

Central’s Director of Customer Finance, Justina Welch, enjoyed her experience at the Thai Café on July 17 and plans on going back soon. Thai Café is located in the Broad Ripple Village (just north of downtown Indianapolis, IN).

“Since 1998 we have specialized in burning the taste buds of Indianapolis!” their website says. “The key to all of our awards and success is the individual attention each dish receives when it is prepared.”

This Thai restaurant has won Indianapolis Monthly awards for People’s Choice for Best Thai Restaurant for 2001-2006 and Critics Choice Best Thai Restaurant from 1998-2002.

In their website’s description about Thai food, Thai Café says it is known all over the world for its originality and nutritional value.

“It is very much in line with Thai character to take an ingredient that is alien to the culture and combine it with native herbs, spices and condiments to create an end product that is distinctly Thai.”

Thai Café’s menu has different spice levels ranging from one to five.  Welch ordered the (chicken) Satay and Masaman Curry appetizers.

“The food was excellent,” Welch said. “I did level three, which was fantastic. I sampled a friend’s level five.  Good flavor but the hot factor intensifies for about 10 minutes before cooling back off, this holds true after eating bread.  Way too hot for me.  The poor guy was sweating—that’s hot!”

Not including an appetizer, the average cost of an entrée at the Thai Café is $10.

Welch enjoyed the Thai Café’s good service, large portions and large number of guests dining there as well.

“(It’s a) great place to go with a group of friends and sample several entrees.”

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