Expert Solutions in Food Safety

Whether you are looking for food safety solutions or are browsing through for information, food safety is important for every restaurant.  Here are four solutions from our Product Consultants to help improve food safety. For questions or more information, contact us toll free at (800) 222-5107. Extensions for each product consultant are listed below.


Color Cutting Boards

Reduce the risk of cross contamination, eliminate confusion and speed up food preparation time by using color-coded cutting boards. Because these boards come in six different colors, you can assign a separate color to each food group (fish, cooked foods, fruits/vegetables, poultry, meat or general use).

Food Rotation Labels

One simple way to ensure food safety in the kitchen is to use food rotation labels. The labels come in a variety of options, including pre-printed day of the week, blank labels, color-coded and dissolvable. The labels will not fall off of storage containers like masking tape, are easy to read at a quick glance and are FDA-approved for indirect food contact.


Keep prepared foods out of danger zone! Use a thermometer with a timer to safely monitor the cooling process of your food. Bacteria rapidly multiplies in foods that have been in the danger zone (+40°F to +140°F) for more than two hours.

Knee-Operated Hand Sink

Did you know that germs and bacteria can live on stainless steel for up to 48 hours? Even after thoroughly washing your hands, you could pick those germs up again just by turning off the water. The touch-free design of knee-operated sinks help you to significantly reduce the risk of re-contaminating your hands.

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