5 Healthy Alternatives to Your Holiday Cookie Recipes

Cookies; Image from MorgueFileWith the holiday season in full swing, sweets are virtually unavoidable.  While most people don’t go looking for the healthy stuff this time of year (or heaven’s forbid turn down a cookie), it is nice to know that if you’re about to start baking there are some nutritious alternatives to the old favorites and classic standbys.  There’s no need to skimp on flavor this holiday, but if you try these five recipes, your waistline will thank you come January.

Vegan Holiday Sugar Cookies provide a great base for decoration and (as seen in the blog post included with the recipe) are a big hit with both kids and adults.   These delicious treats will not only give you a chance to experiment with the wide world of vegan without going too far outside your comfort zone, but also give you a chance to try out some new alternative ingredients such as egg replacements and vegan cream cheese that could be incorporated into other recipes.

Healthy Brownie Cookies let you have a little fun with chocolate (because who doesn’t crave it?) without all that added guilt.  Everyone likes a good brownie and with these you’ll get a chance to stay on your diet because they are low-fat and incorporate fiber with added bran.

Chocolate Chunk Cookies are always a crowd favorite, but this recipe adds in a little something extra…tofu.  While this may seem totally unorthodox to the chocolate chip cookie purists, tofu is a great way to keep your heart healthy by lowering cholesterol.  As if that wasn’t enough reason to add tofu, the yummy chocolaty goodness of these cookies actually prevents you from even knowing it’s in there, which means all the benefits with the same great taste.

 Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies give you a way to control your portions without missing out.  These goodies can often be high in fat due to the large amounts of butter.  However, this take on the classic swaps out some of that badness that makes the cookies so moist for a fruity alternative.  By just mixing up some hot water, pureed apples and a small amount of butter the cookies maintain their texture and add in a little more of a daily food group.

If you’re really feeling the health kick this season, you may even want to try Nikki’s Healthy Cookie Recipe.  This one may be just a bit out of your normal comfort zone, but promises to be rich, hearty and “macaroon-eque.”  An extra bonus to the cookie is that it contains no butter, sugar or eggs and can also be made as a gluten-free option for those with allergies.

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