School Cafeterias during the Holidays

The holiday theme is a great one to put into a school cafeteria.  Anything new and intriguing in the lunchroom, like signage or different menu item, can really make a student’s day more exciting—even if it’s only 30 to 40 minutes of their day. Here is what a few schools are doing around the country during this holiday season.

Meek Schools: Double Springs, Alabama

Photo from Meek Schools Website

For the holiday, Meek Schools fix a traditional holiday meal and decorate their lunchroom for family members.  “We are a K-12 school with an enrollment of a little over 500,” Ann Harbison says.  “Kids enjoy the special meal and decorations.”  Harbison also adds the younger children especially love when family comes to their holiday meal to eat with them.

Photo Provided by Stacy Blanton

IUPUI: Indianapolis, Indiana

The holiday season for college students means finals!  At IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis), Stacy Blanton says the IUPUI Food Service (Chartwells) will provide coffee specials at any of their coffee locations on campus.  Specials will be available both in the morning for the early risers and in the evening for those staying up late studying.

Winston County High School: Double Springs, Alabama

Photo Provided By Debra Taylor

Debra Taylor of Winston County High School says their school has a Christmas bulletin board.  This year, every students name and grade is listed. “Simple but sweet,” she says. Similar to Meek Schools, Winston County High School has a special Christmas dinner.  This year, the menu will consist of chicken dressing, buffet ham, yam patty, green beans, cole slaw, cranberry sauce, yeast rolls and dessert.

Alachua County Public Schools: Gainesville, Florida

Public schools in Alachua County will have a traditional holiday dinner.  “Most also decorate the cafés to help welcome the students in everyday and create a festive holiday feel,” Pennie Spencer-Rodriguez says.  This year, sliced turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, gravy, cranberry sauce, green beans, corn bread, muffins and fruit crisp is on the holiday menu.

Photo from Alachua County Food and Nutrition Services Website

These dinners (during the lunch time) have become very popular for parents and the community.  “You wouldn’t believe the parents and community members that take the time during their busy work day to be able to participate,” she says. “It’s a really busy but fun time for us.”

What is your school doing for the holidays? What’s on your menu?

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