7 Snack Foods from Around the World

Balut; Image from MorgueFile

It’s appropriate that February is National Snack Food month considering this past Sunday was one of the biggest days for snacking in the U.S.  However,  according to the Snack Food Association, the holiday was actually created in 1989 by the SFA and the National Potato Promotion Board to “increase consumption and build awareness” during what was in fact, a slow sales month.

As gallons of guacamole and pallets worth of pizza are being consumed the SFA and NPPB can rest assured they are doing their part to create awareness.  However, just in case you’re looking for another snack food to add to your cabinet, below are seven that are commonplace in countries around the world.  Take a look and maybe next year, you can serve your fellow sports fans an exotic treat.

1)    Acaçá

AKA:  rice-flour mush, rice-flour polenta

Where can you find it? Brazil

What is it? Steamed pudding wrapped in banana leaves and steamed

Variations and toppings: Can be made of rice-flour or cornmeal.  Sweetened with coconut milk.

2)    Balut

AKA:  Treat with Feet, Egg with Legs

Where can you find it?  The Philippines

What is it?  Soft-boiled duck eggs containing a partially formed duck fetus

Variations and toppings: salt, chili, vinegar, lemon juice, coriander,

Interesting fact:  The perfect time to eat a Balut is usually considered to be before the fetus has formed bones, beak and feathers. 

3)    Biltong

AKA:  Droewors, Biltong Sticks, Biltong Chips,

Where can you find it? South Africa

What is it? beef or game jerky that has been air-dried

Variations and toppings: Spiced with salt, pepper, brown sugar, coriander, vinegar, salpetre

Interesting fact:  Although biltong is most commonly eaten by itself, it’s also sometimes used in items like oatmeal, salads, spreads and even on a sandwich with bread and butter.

4)    Currywurst

AKA:  Curried sausage

Where can you find it? Germany

What is it? Fried Pork sausage covered in a tomato curry sauce

Variations and toppings: Vegetarian Currywurst, Chicken/Turkey Currywurst.  Toppings include hot chili, mustard powder.

Interesting fact:  There is a museum dedicated to the currywurst in Berlin and a song was recorded about it.

5)    Lassi

AKA:  Indian yogurt smoothie

Where can you find it? Northern India, Pakistan

What is it? A drink made of Indian yogurt, water and different flavorings

Variations and toppings: Spiced with salt, toasted cumin seeds, saffron, mint etc.  Sweetened with Mango or other fruits and sugar.

Interesting fact:  The drink is used as a digestion aid due to the high probiotic content.

6)    Pig’s Blood Cake

AKA: zhū xiě gāo, Taiwanese blood pudding, blood cake

Where can you find it? Taiwan

What is it? Steamed pig blood and sticky rice that can be flavored with peanuts, cilantro.

Variations and toppings: chili sauce

7)      Raw Herring Sandwich

AKA:  broodje haring, Hollandse Nieuwe, Zoute Haring

Where can you find it? The Netherlands

What is it? raw salted herring, onions and pickles

Variations and toppings: Usually either eaten in a soft bun or by itself on a plate.  Can be served with or without the tail.

Now that you’ve taken a look at what people snack on around the world, are you thinking about trying any of them?  What does/doesn’t look appetizing and why?

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  1. Amber

    Thanks Angel! It’s odd to think that items like this are totally common and makes you wonder what food we eat is strange to others. Have you ever eaten anything strange like this?

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