Central’s Week in Brief: April 15

Colin Powell to Keynote NRA Show 2011

Colin Powell will keynote this year’s NRA (National Restaurant Association) Show, which is May 21 through 24 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

Buffalo Wild Wings to Revamp Menu

BWWs is mixing up their menu! It will not only allow, but encourage customers to mix and match menu items with different signature sauces and will feature 10 new items.

Wendy’s Aiming to Win in Fry Game

The french fry market is big and Wendy’s is up for the challenge.  They’re marketing will change as they’re trying to beat McDonald’s in what the Chicago Breaking Business website calls “the fry game.”

Dinner Carbs to Help With Weight Loss?

A recent LA Times article covered a study that found eating a low-calorie diet with an emphasis on carbs may have some health benefits! (Don’t make any quick assumptions though, check out their article first.)

FourSquare Day!

FourSquare has taken over and what is tomorrow? FourSquare Day–all over the world! Check back to Central’s blog tomorrow for coverage.

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