FourSquare Day!

What is 42? 16. What is April 16? Foursquare Day!

Countries all over the world are declaring April 16 as FourSquare Day, including Central’s hometown in Indianapolis, which is ranked at 44 on Mashable’s Top 100 Socially Networked Cities. City Mayor Greg Ballard has even proclaimed April 16 as FourSquare Day—so it’s official!

Places all over the country will be having different events; Indianapolis is hosting a conference for all FourSquare users, business owners, etc., which will include speakers from restaurants and businesses.  (For those in Indy interested in attending, click here for all of the information).

Events such as Indy’s are a great way for businesses and users to network—as FourSquare has truly made an impact on the restaurant industry.  In fact, in upcoming week’s we’ll get in touch with some of the speakers from Indy’s FourSquare day and dig in deep to learn how this part of social media is taking over, what different restaurants are doing and so much more.

Until then, we’re new to FourSquare (but hope you check-in to our showroom if you’re in the area!) What do you enjoy about it? Especially restaurant owners, how has it helped your business?

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