Latest Trends in Table Settings

Last month, Oneida Global Foodservice paid us a visit for training and filled us in on the latest trends in table settings.

Oneida Swoop Specialty Porcelain, Four Compartment Plate


Unique seems to be the theme for plates.  Whether it’s for the appetizer or the entrée, not only is it important to have an excellent food presentation—but also to present the food on an extraordinary surface.  We’re seeing decorated rims, smaller plates for “small bites” such as sushi or tapas, organic shapes and oversized plates.  With all these unique options available, you may even decide to custom design plates for your restaurant.  Keep in mind though for any custom design—plates will break or get lost.  You will need to order extra as a vendor may be unable to provide you with additional plates down the road.


Oneida Noval Flatware

Oneida said we’re seeing “architecturally inspired decorated designs” in flatware—both elegant and modern.  There’s also more and more oversized heavyweight flatware.  With a plethora of styles and designs to choose from, Oneida gives some advice on their website for choosing the best one.  “The finish, weight and design of each piece have a direct impact on how flatware feels in your hand.  When you pick up the handle, it should feel balanced, smooth and comfortable,” they say.  Oneida also mentions the dinner fork is most used and should be used as a guide when making a selection.

If you think you’re ready to make that next step to enhance your restaurant, visit our website or request a catalog to flip through all kinds of products for the table setting, including ones mentioned here.

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