The Nugget Ice Revolution!

For over 60 years, Scotsman Ice Systems has been an innovative company.  From Energy Star rated products to state-of-the-art diagnostics, they really have it all when it comes to an ice machine.  One of the things they are known most for is their nugget ice—which is also sometimes known as chewable ice.  We’ll get to that shortly…

But first! With summer just around the corner and restaurants still keeping a tight budget due to economic conditions, Central and Scotsman have teamed up for customers considering or needing to purchase a new machine.  Prices have been lowered on select Scotsman machines through the end of June.  Click this link to see what ice machines are on sale.  Also, until the end of July, customers can receive a free water filter system with the purchase of a 120V Scotsman Prodigy.

Now, back to the ice.

Thirty years ago, Scotsman rolled out their first nugget ice machine and as they say on their website, “started a revolution in ice chewing.”

They truly have as they’ve been an industry leader in the Original Chewable Ice.

You’ve ran across this type of ice in gas stations, restaurants, hospitals, etc. all over. It’s described as soft and easy to chew. There are people who don’t have a preference, people that just like it, and then people who love it. There truly has been a revolution of this ice and it all really came to fruition thanks to social media.

To name a few efforts by ice lovers all over, chewable ice became a topic on Twitter and many Facebook fan pages have been made.  And as soon as Scotsman realized how big it was, they implemented the “Luv the Nug” social media campaign, which includes the now famous Luv the Nug Truck which travels from city to city.  Many people generalize this type of ice, or give it a name from places they know such as Sonic.  But it originated from Scotsman and they are getting back to their fans and bringing awareness to the love for…ice!

Luv the Nug truck (Photo from Terry Toth)

“So far we have had the Nug truck in the Indianapolis and Cincinnati areas,” said Terry Toth, Marketing and Communications Manager for Scotsman.

The Luv the Nug Truck keeps on going with upcoming stops in Knoxville, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia then to Chicago, Illinois for the NRA (National Restaurant Association) show. After that, they are west of the Mississippi River bound!

This past St. Patrick’s Day, Scotsman came to Central with the Luv the Nug truck.  (Take a look here at our Facebook photo album).  We learned how much people love the ice and what Scotsman has done for the fans—a truly creative and unique social media campaign.

By visiting the Luv the Nug website, chewable ice lovers can find nugget ice locations, demand nugget ice machines for businesses that don’t have them, buy nugget ice merchandise, learn about how it originated and even enter in a contest to win a Scotsman ice machine. They can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter.  There are many things in the works so this campaign will only get better and better as time goes on!

Toth has noticed many happy people from the Luv the Nug Truck.  Usually they work with people of the trade but now are able to meet the people who love their product and get to hear their stories from those who had family memories by it to those who had nugget ice while in the hospital.

Luv the Nug Truck in Cinncinati (Photo from Terry Toth)

“What’s great is our research on our trend, why they chew on it is coming to fruition and what they profess on social media when visiting Nug truck stops,” Toth said.  “It’s really great to see it all first hand. (We learn) the reasons why they chew, but also there are people entering the Lid Off contest and writing about their love for chewing.”  (Click here to view submissions or send in your own.)

So if you’re looking for nugget ice, check out their locator. If you know there is one, but it’s not listed, go to the locator page (Find the Nug) to add a location from your area with nugget ice.  And if there aren’t any locations around you, demand it!

And while there is the contest to win a free machine, if you don’t, take a look at our Scotsman promotion.  Also, we would love to hear your story or love for nugget ice.  It’s quite a fascinating trend, please share!

One thought on “The Nugget Ice Revolution!

  1. Jamie

    This nugget ice looks especially nuggety–if that makes sense lol. I wish these trucks were everywhere! I have to settle for Sonic a lot. I’m hoping I can buy a nugget ice maker sometime soon. I was hoping for a countertop one and found out FirstBuild opened a challenge online for one ( I’m hoping it works out. It would be great to have one that small and on the cheaper scale.

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