Benefits of Owning a Slicer

When it comes to important kitchen equipment, the slicer ranks pretty high on the list.  From salad bar to pizza toppings, the slicer really takes on a lot when it comes to back of the house duties.  By having a slicer at your restaurant, it can extremely reduce labor costs while providing uniform results.

One of the great slicers out there is the Nemco Easy Slicer. (And just to give you a heads up, we currently have a promotion running until the end of October.  With every purchase of a Nemco Easy Slicer comes a free replacement blade kit.)

The Nemco Easy Slicer has twin, razor sharp 51/2” curved stainless steel blades, an exclusive visual thickness gauge and comes in your choice of an adjustable (1/16” to 1/2”) or fixed blade set (1/8”, 3/16” or 1/4”).

The slicer easily takes on onions, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more.  And best of all, it cuts uniform slices in seconds, so you and your customers can count on consistency.

Image from Nemco website

What sets this slicer aside from others is the fact that anyone can use it.  According to OSHA regulations, no one under the age of 18 can use a power slicer.  As this slicer isn’t a powered prep item, it is great for restaurants that employ high school students.  Also, minimal training is required making it easy to use.

There are always tough aspects to owning restaurant equipment and cleaning is one of the tougher tasks for slicers.  Nemco was sure to keep that in mind when they built the Easy Slicer and specifically designed it to disassemble easily.  This makes the cleaning process much, much easier.

So when it comes down to some of the perks, here’s what you can count on with Nemco’s Easy Slicer:

  • Labor savings
  • Consistent cut size
  • Portion control
  • Versatility and simplicity
  • Quick, operator-adjustable thickness
  • Perfect for all employees as it’s a non-powered piece of equipment
  • Cleans easily

Nemco has put together this information-packed video (click here) which goes into further detail and provides tutorials for slicing, cleaning and more.  And if you’re thinking about purchasing this slicer, you can click here for the information on Central’s website.

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  1. Kylie Dotts

    I like how you said that having a slicer could help with making a salad bar or helping make pizza toppings! Getting this kind of restaurant equipment in a home would be amazing! At least, I would really enjoy having it in our home because I could make more things for dinner and lunch.

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