Central’s 20 Year Club

On Thursday, August 18, five Central employees were the first to be inducted into The 20 Year Club.  This club was created to recognize those employees among us that have provided exemplary service over their 20 or more years at Central.   The members were honored with their pictures placed in the main lobby of Central as well as a special gift of appreciation.  In addition, we would like to recognize them by allowing them to share just what those 20 plus years have meant to them as well as each of their unique gifts.   Below we give you the five inductees:


                          Steve White 

Hired: 7/10/1975
Years at Central:
What Steve Does at Central:  “I’ve done a little of everything with the company from cleaning to shipping to my current position in sales.  In my time here I’ve met a lot of people, made a lot of friends and seen many restaurants go in and out.”
Steve’s Thoughts on Central:  “I started here because of my bond with Rick and Rita (previous owners), starting at their previous company, moving to Central when they opened and just continued on with them.  I’ve stayed here because I’ve learned working here you really have to enjoy people and listening, talking and interacting with them and those are things I love to do.”


                     Sheila Greenwald  

Hired: 6/1/1987
Years at Central:
What Sheila Does at Central:  “I have worked in many areas during my years: accounts payable, accounts receivable, customer service, opening mail, buying company supplies, reception and I even packed boxes for shipping when we were really busy. I even made lunch for the sales staff during busy times. I now deal with Freight Claims.”
Sheila’s Thoughts on Central:
“Central has always been like family looking out for one another, helping where and when it was needed. As the past payroll and benefits person I got to know the employees very well and tried hard to help them through trying times. Central has grown in the 23 years since I started we are a national known company and that makes me very proud to be a part of this company.”


                         Bill Teets

Hired: 10/30/1989
Years at Central:
What Bill Does at Central:  “I’ve been on the warehouse staff since day number one.  Despite some bumps in the road it has been a great ride!”
Bill’s Thoughts on Central:  “It’s been great seeing the company grow from 14 employees to 120 and 30 orders a day to as high as 500.   I love that no two days here are alike, the challenge of the ‘afternoon rush’ and the opportunity work with many
different personalities throughout the operation. ”


                       Bob Davidson 

Hired: 7/5/1990
Years at Central:
What Bob Does at Central:  Bob works hard in sales helping serve customers ranging from mom and pop operations to government operations.
Bob’s thoughts on Central and being here 20 years: “I just want to thank Rick and Rita for the opportunity for letting me come to work for Central and to my fellow 20 Year Club members for helping me along the way.   I also appreciate Central’s current leadership for carrying on the Central tradition!  Here’s to 20 more!”


                        Rick Arenstein

Hired: 6/19/1991
Years with Central: 20
What Rick Does at Central: Rick has been a dedicated product consultant, not only working hard with customers from selling equipment to restaurant layout, but also by assisting Central with new policies, changes and more.
Rick’s thoughts on Central:  “20 years have gone by very quickly.  In 1991, we had 20 employees.  With five salesmen, we did in a year less than we did last month, August, 2011, and we only mailed out two catalogs a year.  We wrote the orders down manually and they were entered into the computer as orders later in the day.  We did not have AutoCad (design software) either, so all the layouts were done manually, with any changes having to be erased and started over.”

Congratulations again to all of the inductees to The 20 Year Club and thank you for all of your hard work!

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