10 Halloween Treats and Ideas for School Cafeterias

Halloween is less than two weeks away.  If your school’s cafeteria needs a boost in creativity, check out these 10 tips, which include everything from decoration to food ideas.

Creative Menu

The menu will have to be completely changed, but the food can remain the same!  Use fun Halloween words to describe the menu such as creepy, spooky, horrifying, ghostly, wicked or freaky.  For more Halloween words, the Enchanted Learning website has put together this list to choose from.  Students will definitely be asking for the frightening french fries.

Witch Hat Cookies

On the blog, “Expore,  Dream, Discover” by Barb Schram, she posted a quick and easy dessert idea.  She takes Keebler Fudge stripe cookies and turns them upside down.  Then she covers the hole of the cookies with a Hersey Kiss and attaches them with orange icing. See the full recipe here.

Dress the Part

Why not be a little creative with attire?  Have the kitchen staff wear a fun costume—or even something simple to set the day apart such as witch’s hats, Halloween shirts, jewelry or pins. Check out what the North Pocono School District in Moscow, Penn. put together a few years ago.

Fun Halloween Facts

Education can continue in the lunchroom for Halloween.  Take your cafeteria’s cork or dry erase board, decorate it and list some fun Halloween facts for the students to read. In About.com’s Working Moms section, they put together this list of fun Halloween Facts and History. You can also check out 50 fun Halloween facts from the Free Teach Worksheets website.


Transform the cafeteria from the average lunch room to a Halloween extravaganza.  It can be as simple as Halloween boarder around menu boards to orange and black table cloths and napkins.  You can also find themed objects such as bats and ghosts to suspend from the ceiling and neat lights.  Even the small things matter too, for one of the final touches sprinkle metallic themed Halloween confetti around the tables or utensil area.  It will probably be everywhere by the end of the lunch period, but it’s nothing the broom can’t sweep right up.

Student Involvement

Decorating the cafeteria can be a lot of work, especially if you’re going all out. Get the student’s involved! It will be a fun experience for them and may take a load off the staff.

Creepy Cupcakes

There’s much that can be done when it comes to cupcakes.  Disney put together this slideshow of 13 creepy Halloween cupcakes.  Some may take a little more time and effort, but it will be very neat for the students.

Pumpkin and Apple Recipes

If you’re looking for a few treat ideas on the healthier side, this blog by Stacie Naczelnik lists recipes for hot apple cider, pumpkin seed brittle, baked cinnamon apples and creamy pumpkin squares.

Candy Bags

Bring some of the trick-or-treating vibe to the cafeteria.  Put together something as simple as a sucker or small candy bar wrapped with a black and orange ribbon, or even a few pieces of candy in a Halloween themed bag. If you’re looking to provide allergy safe treats, check out Nut-Free, (Mostly) Allergy-Free Halloween Treat Ideas and 25 Gluten Free Halloween Candies.

More Spooky Treats

Stumped on ideas for desserts?  Look into Betty Crocker’s Spooky Brownies, Martha Stewart’s Jack-o’-Lantern Tarts or Kraft’s Jell-O Jigglers.

What is your school’s cafeteria doing to celebrate Halloween this year? Please share!


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