Common Foodservice Accidents to Avoid

A foodservice establishment is very fast paced.  Without taking precautions, accidents are bound to happen.  Here is a list of some of the most common foodservice accidents (both injury and food) to become more aware of and avoid.

Broken Dishes

To avoid breaking dishes, don’t over fill dish racks or put glasses on a non-glass rack. Also, do not store bar glasses above ice bins, etc.  In case of emergencies, keep a broken glass bucket readily available because broken glass should not be put into the trash.


Especially common when using fryers and oil filtering.


Knives should be kept sharpened as dull knives cut more people.  Also, don’t grab falling knives.  Looking to another aspect, some cooking equipment requires guards or locks.  Make sure that machinery has the proper safety equipment and is used.

Food Contamination

Employees should wear gloves, practice proper hand washing techniques, use colored coded boards and have a separate area for raw meat prep.  And on another note, employees should understand the importance of heating/cooling food properly.

Improper lifting techniques

Especially common with garbage cans, dollies, lifting in the dish area, etc.

Slips, Trips and Falls

Employees should always wear proper non-slip footwear.  Also, employees should not mop floors without drying afterward.

Slicer Equipment Injuries

If you have a meat slicer on the premise, do not allow employees to use it until they have been directly trained to use, breakdown, clean, sanitize and reassemble it safely and completely

Products to Enhance Safety

Safety Resources

Thanks to Central Product Consultant Michael Williams for contributing to this blog.  Williams submitted additional information for each accident topic.

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