Buying Guide: Slicers

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Today’s buying guide covers slicers.  Find this and all buying guides here, and check back after the release of our January master catalog (later on this month) for more.   ___________________________________________________________________________

What to Consider When Selecting a Slicer:

  • What you’re slicing
  • How much you’re slicing
  • How long you’re slicing


What Are You Slicing?

All commercial slicers are designed to slice meat.  A heavier duty machine is recommended for higher volumes of cheese.



How Much Are You Slicing At Any Given Time?

Manual slicers are convenient for made-to-order or small batches.  Automatic slicers help reduce employee fatigue and provide a consistent product.



How Long Are You Slicing?

  • Less than 2 hours or 700 slices – Light Duty
  • 2-4 hours a day or between 700 and 1400 slices – Medium Duty
  • All day operation or over 1400 slices – Heavy Duty



For more information, view this Slicer Buying Guide in full on our website, which also provides the list of our slicers by manufacturer, type and other factors to help you make a purchase.

Ready to order? Click here to view our food prep appliances in which you can find commercial hand and meat slicers.  And don’t forget to check out all of Central’s buying guides.

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