Foodservice Industry Week in Brief: January 6

Looking for some of the week’s top information? Here are five stories from the foodservice industry for the first week of the new year, January 2 through January 6.

Food Legislation for the New year
From SmartBlog on Restaurants, Read Blog

With a new year comes new legislation.  Rebecca Pollack Scherr of Smart Blog on Restaurants put together an article covering the top food legislation for this year.  A few things mentioned include where shark fins will be illegal and where farmers will have to have licenses of inspection in order to be able to sell.  It also includes information on bills such as the Food Safety Modernization and Child Nutrition Acts.  Read more on SmartBlog on Restaurant’s website

Poster Requirement Delayed for the Third Time
From National Restaurant Association, Read Article

By April 30, all restaurants subject to the National Labor Relations Act must have this poster posted at their establishment.  The original deadline was November 14, 2011 then was moved to January 31, 2012.  However, it’s been moved again to April 30.  Read the full article here.

The Restaurant Performance Index Is Highest Since November
From National Restaurant Association, Read Article

According to a recent article by Annika Stensson, the restaurant performance index (RPI) is the highest it’s been since November.  This is all based on the current situation and future predictions.    Read more on the NRA website.

Rising Menu Prices

Image: Alvimann/MorgueFile

Restaurants over the country have started to announce this week they will have to raise prices.  Starbucks and Denny’s are two who have already posted information.  However on the flip-side, Steak n’ Shake recently announced they will actually freeze their menu prices for 2012.



2012 Social Media Predictions
From Mashable, Read Article

Social media won’t be slowing down in 2012 and continues to be a beneficial and budget-friendly tool for businesses.  Mashable recently put together seven of their social media predictions covering information from Facebook and Twitter to the up-and-coming sites.  If you  haven’t started using social media for your establishment, now is the time.  Most are free and they are a great way to attract business.  Read all on the Mashable website.



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