Benefits of Purchasing New Foodservice Equipment

Image: Greg Otterman, Product Consultant/Central Restaurant Products

It’s an interesting time for the restaurant industry.  Right now it seems despite a slight dip in the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Performance Index (RPI) in January, restaurant sales are overall staying positive.  On the other hand, the Los Angeles Times recently reported independent restaurants were hit hard by the recession and many are still struggling.

Importance of Foodservice Equipment

For all types of foodservice establishments, both striving and struggling, reliable equipment is a must.  That being said, it needs to be made a priority to take care of equipment, train employees on proper handling and keep up with the regularly scheduled maintenance.

Even with all the maintenance and proper handling in the world, there always comes a point when reality sets in and a product just becomes too old, doesn’t run as efficiently, develops problems and needs to be replaced.  But many places don’t make replacing old equipment a priority, despite being such a staple to a foodservice.

So Why Don’t Places Make Equipment a Priority?

For some it’s budget restrictions while for others it’s simply procrastination.  What places don’t realize is there comes a point when procrastination can actually hurt a business.  Failing equipment will have an impact on the day to day business.

“In this economy, the only reason to purchase a replacement piece of equipment is to save on energy,” said Central Product Consultant, Rick Arenstein. “And the newer units, especially fryers, they are a lot more energy efficient than older models.”

Central and Vulcan: One Powerful Team

To make the decision to purchase new equipment easier for foodservices, Central teamed up with Vulcan, one of the world’s largest commercial cooking equipment manufacturers, for an exclusive three-month promotion that began in January.

What makes this promotion so beneficial to foodservices in need of new equipment is it offers the lowest price and free shipping on all Vulcan products available at Central.

There is such a wide variety of Vulcan products available from gas ranges to convection steamers.  There are even several products that are Energy Star qualified as well.  And if all that wasn’t enough, all Vulcan equipment comes with free start up from Hobart sales and service.

This promotion couldn’t have come at a more perfect time as it helps those counting every penny to those with extra money in their budget.  Either way, the promotion is set to expire at the end of March, so time is running out.

All Vulcan equipment on sale is on Central’s website.  For those unsure of what to buy, our Product Consultants have years of foodservice experience and can do all the work.  They can be reached at (800) 215-9293.

Have you recently upgraded or purchased new equipment? How has it increased productivity?

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