Foodservice Industry Week in Brief: 4/2-4/6

Looking for some of the week’s top information? Here are five stories from the foodservice industry for
April 2-6.

Food Allergies in American Children on the Rise
From Family Practice News, Read Article

Over the last few years there has been more awareness for food allergies, especially in children.  It’s become a huge issue in schools, but restaurants and foodservices are also taking precautions to accommodate those with allergies.  According to a recent article from Family Practice News, food allergies in children are up 33 percent. These numbers are based from a Centers for Disease Control study of over 90,000 patients.  The article says these numbers could be higher because there is a higher sense of awareness of food allergies and also, more children are being tested.  Read the full article on the Family Practice News website for more statistics from the study.

Burger King Making a Strong Comeback

This week Burger King began their strong comeback and rolled out new menu items which include smoothies, salads, frappes, chicken fingers and snack wraps.  Speaking of the snack wraps, there has been some buzz this week about a pulled commercial they put together with singer Mary J. Blige.  Some say it was pulled because some viewed it as stereotypical.  However, in an article from the Associated Press, they say Burger King actually pulled the commercial due to a licensing issue.  Either way, the video is still floating around on YouTube and they say the video will be back soon.  Check it out, it’s a tune that will stay stuck in your head all day!

Baseball Stadiums Accommodating Those with Peanut Allergies
From Time NewsFeed, Read Article

Extending on the allergy conversation, this week marked the beginning of the 2012 Major League Baseball season.  Some stadiums are doing something a little different this year and are accommodating fans with peanut allergies with some sort of peanut-free zone on specific game days.  In a recent Times article, they say the New York Mets and Yankees are two stadiums that have come up with different variations so those fans with allergies can enjoy a game.  Read the full article on the Times NewsFeed website.

Central’s Spring Blood Drive

Today is Central’s spring blood drive! Many employees have made appointments to raise their sleeve to help those in need.  It’s a great way to get employees involved, so if your business is interested, get in touch with your local blood center and host a drive.  After all, according to the Indiana Blood Center, did you know every two seconds someone needs blood? And one pint of blood can help up to three people? They also say nearly all blood used for transfusion in the United States is drawn from volunteers.  Check back next week to hear how our blood drive went!

Good Friday and Easter Recipes

As this weekend many will be celebrating Easter, here are a few websites with recipes for both today (Good Friday) and Easter.

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