Foodservice Week in Review: April 9-13

Looking for some of the week’s top information?  Here are five stories from the foodservice industry for April 9-13.

Central Restaurant Products Holds Their Annual Spring Blood Drive

Last Friday, April 6, Central Restaurant Products employees donated blood to the Indiana Blood Center from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  By the end of the drive there were a total of 15 people who were able to donate blood!

Blood centers across the country are facing a critical shortage in blood, and while many of us don’t consider it as a big deal, the fact is that nine out of 10 of us will eventually need a blood transfusion during some point in our lives.  In Indiana alone, the Indiana Blood Center has a daily need of 550 units.

Thankfully, those of us at Central stepped up to the plate and decided to help.  We thank all of our participating employees, as well as the Indiana Blood Center for driving its mobile unit out to our location so we could give.

Restaurant Industry Posts Impressive Job Growth

From Nation’s Restaurant News, read article here

According to a new study conducted by the National Restaurant Association, over 560,000 jobs in their own industry were created in the last two years.  Since March 2010, eating and drinking places, which account for three-fourths of the total restaurant industry workforce, have added 562,600 positions.

The highest growing positions are managers, as well as waiters and waitresses.   According to Dawn Sweeney, president and chief executive of the NRA, “Whether in the kitchen or the corporate office, restaurants offer a variety of career paths, including one toward the American dream of entrepreneurship and owning your own business.”

At least 200,000 positions have been added in the past three months; however, economists called the national figure of 120,000 jobs gained for the month disappointing.  Lawmakers looking to add growth for restaurateurs and franchise-owners fought for the JOBS ACT, (Jump-Start Our Business Start-ups), which was signed into law by President Obama on Friday, April 6, 2012.  The law helps small businesses by easing the procedures of raising capital.  Read the full article on the National Restaurant Association’s website for more statistics on the study.

Humane Society Goes Undercover at Pa. Egg Farm and Finds ‘Inhumane’ Conditions

From, read the article here

Krieder Farms, an egg farm based out of Pennsylvania, is under fire after the Humane Society went undercover and conducted an investigation in which it taped footage of hens living in overcrowded, filthy coops, birds living and laying eggs next to mummified carcasses, dehydrated hens, and birds infected with salmonella.

MP900227810For six weeks in February and March, the Humane Society used an insider at Kreider Farms that used a hidden camera to document the deplorable conditions, Wayne Pacelle, president of the society, told The LA Times.

“All animals feel pain and suffering,” Pacelle said.  “And no animal should have to endure this kind of extreme confinement…when animals are overcrowded and live in filthy conditions, it compromises food safety.

Kreider Farms did not answer to any requests from The Times, but Ron Kreider, president of the farms, told the AP that the report was “a gross distortion of Kreider Farms, our employees and the way we care for our birds.”  Read the full article on The LA Times website for more information.

Pizza Sales on the Rise in the U.S., New Study Shows

From, read the article here

As more and more Americans’ waistlines expand, apparently so does their desire to eat pizza.  According to data from consumer research firm Technomic, 41 percent of respondents in their survey said they now consume pizza at least once a week, up from 26 percent two years ago. pizza dough

Varying contributors, such as the improving quality of frozen pizzas, the option to take-and bake from supermarkets and specialty pizza chains, and the effort made from major chains to appeal to new customers on both the high and low end contribute to the rise in sales.  Witty marketing tactics were also used on new products to attract customers.  Read the full article on The Huffington Post website for more information.

For Many, Friday the 13th Brings Food Superstitions

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Today brings the second Friday the 13th of 2012, a day believed to be an unlucky day.  Many people have numerous superstitions associated with the day, including food superstitions.  Here are a few food superstitions that you can avoid today, April 13th, 2012.

  1. Bananas on a Boat:  Bringing bananas on a boat has been thought of as unlucky.  It started with fishermen who believed that the banana would bring bad luck for that day’s catch.  Today, many sailors and captains are still superstitious about the fruit, by banning it from boats; some even ban all Banana Republic and Fruit of the Loom clothing.
  2. Salt:  Spilling salt is one of the most well-known food superstitions; yet, it has a quick remedy:  after spilling the salt, take a pinch and throw it over your left shoulder.  It comes from historical mythology that the Devil sits on your right shoulder and an angel sits on your right.  So, when tossing the salt over your left, you’re warding off any evil that may be present.
  3. 13 People at a Dinner Party:  It’s been also thought to be unlucky to have 13 people over for a dinner party.  French culture introduced the superstition, and there are French socialites called quatorziens (fourteeners), who can fill in as a 14th guest, in case there are only 13 people in attendance.  FDR also believed in this superstition, and refused to have only 13 people at any dinner parties.

Read the full article on’s website to read the full list of food superstitions.

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