10 Crazy State Fair Foods

It’s State Fair Season

Midway rides, animals, attractions–it’s that time of year again, time for the state fair.

For the most part, state fair season in the United States typically begins in July and runs through October. In addition to the rides and attractions, one of the biggest aspects of a state fair is the food.

Some menu items are a staple and remain consistent from year to year (such as elephant ears or deep fried corn dogs), but the real news-makers are the crazy new ideas and concoctions.  Each year, state fairs debut something even crazier than the year before.

Crazy State Fair Foods

Below is a list with some of the craziest state fair foods across the country.

Spaghetti Ice Cream (Image sent to Central from the Indiana State Fair).

There is just one food from each state, so click each link for additional information and menu items.  And since many of these overlap from state to state, you may recognize one of these at your next state fair.

Arkansas: Fried Gator

Florida: Mac and Cheese Burger

Idaho: Famous Idaho Ice Cream Potatoes

Indiana: Deep Fried Samoas

Iowa: Double Bacon Corn Dog

Louisiana: Cookie Dough on a Stick

Minnesota: Bacon Ice Cream

New York: Hot Diggity Donut Dog

North Dakota: Deep Fried Kool-Aid

Utah: Deep Fried Frog Legs

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