Foodservice Industry Week in Brief: November 2

Looking for some of the week’s top information for the foodservice industry? Check out these 10 stories, plus this week’s promotion from Central, for the week of October 29- November 2.

Top 10 Foodservice Industry Stories

Eater: Where to Eat Out For Hurricane Relief Across the US

Bloomberg: Restaurants See Sales Jump as East Coast Looks for Food

Huffington Post: Restaurants, Chefs Attempt To Move Forward After Hurricane Sandy

NPR: More Tips for Feeding the Family: Hurricane Edition

CNN: Power Outages in the Wake of Sandy Threaten Business

Huffington Post: Hurricane Sandy Blackout Makes for Eerie Halloween in Devastated East Village

Huffington Post: Restaurants Open During Sandy Experience Surge of Business

Mobile Food News: New York’s Food Trucks to the Rescue

WV Gazette: New Expanded-Meal Effort Fuels Classroom Benefits

Huffington Post: Pepsi White, Orange-Flavored Clear Cola, To Get December 11 Release in Japan

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