Foodservice Industry Week In Brief: December 14

Looking for some of the week’s top information for the foodservice industry? Check out these 10 stories, plus this week’s promotion from Central for the week of December 10-14.

Top 10 Foodservice Industry Stories

Nation’s Restaurant News: NRA: Restaurants to increase spending in 2013

Huffington Post: The Food Chains With The Best Value Male Chefs Bravely Support Gender-Neutral Easy-Bake Ovens, Do You??

QSR: Restaurant Industry To Add 1.3M Jobs By 2023

Nation’s Restaurant News: Restaurants promote indulgence, celebration for Mayan Apocalypse

The Telegraph: Is This The End of The Rare Burger?

Forbes: How Restaurants Are Using Technology to Deliver Better Customer Service

NRA: Restaurant industry will grow, outpace national job growth in 2013 despite sustained challenges

MonkeyDish: What do you do when a customer sends a long complaint email for a situation you saw unfold, and they were impossible to please?

NPR The Salt: Want To Find A Restaurant That Treats Workers Well? There’s An App For That

Recipe of the Week:

Christmas is right around the corner and everyone’s in the mood to make some cookies! Here are 70+ cookie recipes from that are sure to please everyone’s palette!

This Week’s Promotion from Central:

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