Foodservice Industry Week in Brief: December 21

Looking for some of the week’s top information for the foodservice industry? Check out these 10 stories, plus this week’s promotion from Central for the week of December 17-21.

Top 10 Foodservice Industry Stories

Nation’s Restaurant News: Expert Shares Advice on Mitigating Health Care Mandates Local Foods, Healthful Kids’ Meals on the Menu

CBS Boston: Business Owners Ready for All-Out Ban on Trans Fat in Chelsea

Nation’s Restaurant News: Buffalo Wild Wings’ Prototype Targets Repeat Customers

Restaurant Hospitality: Getting Creative with New Years Eve Bookings

B2B Community: The Top Restaurants in Social Media

HuffPost Food: Diet Pepsi Recipe Gets Another Artificial Sweetener

Restaurant Hospitality: Small Restaurant Owners Expanding Despite the Odds

National Restaurant Association: Report–Diners Seek Local Foods, Nutrition at Restaurants

Nation’s Restaurant News: NRA–Hiring Troubles to Emerge in 2013 as Restaurant Job Growth Rises

Recipe of the Week:

Biscuits aren’t just for jelly or gravy anymore.  LiveBetterAmerica’s recent blog, “Beyond Bread and Butter: 27 Recipes You Never Thought You Could Pull Off Using Biscuits” has so many ideas, you’d never guess you could do this much with a simple food item.  And many of these you could definitely pull off for your holiday celebrations. Enjoy!

This Week’s Promotion from Central

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