The History of Vulcan Equipment

The history of Vulcan Equipment has been quite lengthy. After being in operation for over 130 years, they’ve been recognized by the foodservice industry for top-quality, energy-efficient commercial cooking equipment.

Vulcan OvenVulcan traces their history back to1865 at a foundry company in Louisville, Kentucky. That operation manufactured cooking stoves and other products, and would later become the Hart Manufacturing Company.  Vulcan’s trademark name first appeared in 1890 when  Vulcan transformed to make the Vulcan Gas Heating Company. In 1949 Vulcan and Hart came together to form Vulcan-Hart. Hart acquired the Vulcan name and its line of commercial products, and continued to expand and grow throughout the years.

Today Vulcan is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cooking equipment, and even distributes their gas and electric equipment worldwide. They are now owned by Illinois Tool Works, who own a plethora of companies ranging from food equipment to polymers & fluids. Vulcan has ENERGY STAR qualified proVulcan Rangeducts which can save hundreds of dollars on utility bills. Vulcan is known for their ranges, steam lines and convection ovens. They pride themselves on new technology and ways to maximize your equipment’s use; whether it be to increase the space inside an oven to using infrared technology in a charbroiler to create the most even heat distribution.

Central Restaurant Products has been working with Vulcan for roughly ten years. We have teamed up with Vulcan for the past two to offer free shipping and the lowest prices on all Vulcan equipment. Vulcan’s charbroilers, countertop griddles and gas or electric ranges have been voted overall Best in Class by Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Magazine for many years in a row. They have also won numerous ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence awards, which are given out to groups who have shown leadership at the ENERGY STAR program. To learn more about Vulcan, visit their website. Shopping for Vulcan equipment? No need to look any further! Visit Central for great Vulcan deals!

4 thoughts on “The History of Vulcan Equipment

  1. fiona

    Hi I am using a vulcan stand alone stove at home which turns 90 years old this year. I still have the orignal warranty which is stamped 6th November 1923, did you make these stoves back then, it has a cupboard underneath for pans, and is still working – would you be interested in having for your history.


  2. Laura

    Searching for a vintage Vulcan – have seen photos of a black and copper range that would be ideal! Where can I find specs on old models? Any resources for purchasing, restoring vintage Vulcans?

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