Waring LiquiLock™ Food Processors

Some restaurants need to prep a variety of food for key menu items. Have you ever wanted to eliminate some of your prep work? Now, you can! Process soups, sauces, marinades and more with a Waring LiquiLock™ Food Processor! LiquiLocks come with a sealed, clear-view bowl that prevents leaks and spillage.

Waring LiquiLock Slicing Disc


The Waring LiquiLock™ Food Processor comes with a slicing disc, shredding disc and grating disc. The single speed with pulse option is perfect for a slow chop, or you can use the easy on and pulse/off controls for breaking down a large amount of food. Reduce your prep time with the help of the extra-large feed chute that keeps a continuous supply of food down into the processor. LiquiLocks come with a high-impact, unbreakable polycarbonate bowl that even resists scratching!


You may think that all food processors are treated the same – but only the Waring LiquiLock™ Food Processor has a limited 5 year motor, 2 year parts and labor warranty, one of the best in the business! The motor is protected from overuse and heavy-duty loads with the help of Thermal Overload Protection. LiquiLocks are the only food processor to have a Sealed S-Blade that locks into the bowl for added safety. The Seal System allows you to pour from the bowl while keeping the blade locked in. Thanks to Waring’s Safety Interlock System the machine will not operate until all of the parts are securely in place.

Strawberry Confetti

Now… what to create with your Waring LiquicLock™ Food Processor? Meet Chef Ralph Perrazzo. Waring LiquiLock Food ProcessorWith the help of this video, you can learn how to make his very own “Strawberry Confetti”. Chef Perrazzo demonstrates the ease of slicing strawberries with the slicing disc. The disc is so delicate it slices without bruising the berries! He also uses the Sealed S-Blade system to scrape out the cream without having the blade fall out into his sauce!

To watch Chef Perrazzo make his unique “Strawberry Confetti” using the Waring LiquiLock™ Food Processor, click here. Don’t forget to visit Central’s website and shop!

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