Edlund Mechanical Scale Makes High Volume Portioning Easier

Edlund Mechanical Scale

Edlund Mechanical ScaleLooking for a durable and reliable scale? Your search ends here with the Five Star Heavy Duty Edlund Mechanical Scale. After creating the scale for a major restaurant chain, Edlund tested it vigorously for six months straight. Edlund wanted to create a heavy duty scale that simply could not be beaten up.

Features and Benefits

When it’s super busy during peak times in a restaurant, food prep equipment can be tossed around and abused very quickly. You don’t have to worry about being too hard on the Edlund Mechanical Scale. A person could literally smack  and punch the scale and it would not break, thanks to the heavy duty platform supports. The sensitive mechanisms inside will not break or become offset either! The entire scale and internal mechanisms are made of stainless steel, which makes Edlund unique from other competitors in the foodservice market.Edlund Mechanical Scale

What about washing the scale, you ask? Don’t worry, the Edlund Mechanical Scale can be submersed and washed. The rotating dial is NSF certified. Edlund made the platform large enough so you can carry out your daily measuring needs, whatever size they may be. A handy care and maintenance guide is attached to the side of the scale, making it useful for the owner to take care of it properly and so they don’t have to return the scale back to the factory all of the time.

Find More and Shop Edlund Dial Food Scales

For more information, watch a video from Edlund and shop online for the Edlund Mechanical Scale best for your foodservice establishment.

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