Vulcan VRH Cook and Hold Oven

Vulcan VRH Cook and Hold Ovens Provide Labor and Energy Savings

Vulcan VRH Cook and Hold Oven

The Vulcan VRH cook and hold oven is the ultimate solution for cooking and holding.  This oven, along with all of Vulcan’s other equipment, has a durable, rugged construction that stands up to day to day use.

Vulcan VRH Cook and Hold Oven

Foodservice operators tend to forget how important it is to purchase a piece of equipment that will stand up to the everyday wear and tear a kitchen brings, and this oven can definitely handle it.  (If you’ve worked in a kitchen, you know firsthand how important that is.)

Features and Benefits

Relax! …no really, relax a little bit.  This oven takes a load off kitchen workers by getting some work done on it’s own.

Product can be left in a Vulcan VRH cook and hold oven to cook overnight and is ready by morning.  This is perfect for foodservice operators because it saves on labor and energy costs.  The ability to cook slowly caramelizes the meat for impeccable flavor and presentation.

Vulcan made two sizes of the VRH to allow foodservices to cook up to 120 pounds of meat. And if there ever comes a point and more space is needed, they’re stackable.

Vulcan VRH Cook and Hold OvenVulcan VRH cook and hold ovens have an all stainless steel construction that’s fully insulated with 2″ on the top and 1″ on the sides, back and bottom.

Each compartment holds eight 18″x26″ sheet pans or (16) 12″x20″ steam table pans on 3″ centers. It also includes three wire shelves per compartment and eight cooking positions on the 3″ centers.

Training is simple with the easy to use knob controls and the 250°F thermostat allows for roasting and rethermalization without oven hoods (in most areas).

Best of all, it’s dependable–which is essential to any foodservice operation.

First Hand Experience

ChefWe can talk about the Vulcan VRH cook and hold oven all day, Vulcan can talk about it all day, but ultimately the end user has the final and best word.

To get feedback, Vulcan met with Clay Erickson, chef at Clay’s Colossal Chili, who raved about how easy it was to use.

“This cook and hold oven makes my job a whole lot easier,” he said. “I can put prime ribs and roast beef and turkeys in at night, close the doors, lock up and you come back the next morning and everything is done.”

Find More and Shop Vulcan VRH Cook and Hold Ovens

For more information, watch a video from Vulcan and shop online for the VRH cook and hold oven best for your foodservice establishment.

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