Metro C5™ T-Series Transport Armour ™

Metro’s top secret testing facility puts their products through the toughest tests available, and the testing for the Metro C5™ T-Series Transport Armour™ wasn’t any different. The cabinet was programmed by top scientists and has an intelligent temperature stratification system that insures uniform temperature, even while the cabinet is unplugged!Metro C5 T-Series Transport Armour

Features and Benefits

The Transport Amour™ can withstand the force of daily operations. To test this out, Metro used a potato gun and shot it repeatedly at the cabinet. The cabinet has superior foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation allows it to use 50% less energy than leading fiberglass insulated cabinets. The cabinet can also withstand heavy-duty transport and is perfect for moving food to one location to the next. To demonstrate this, Metro shows the cabinet being tackled by a football player. The cabinet falls over but is not damaged and is still heating the food inside.

Metro C5 T-Series Transport ArmourThe C5™ T-Series Transport Armour™ passed all of the heavy-duty tests with flying colors. The cabinet is efficient, extremely durable and intelligently designed. Don’t believe Metro’s claims? Keep watching the video for real life durability tests. The cabinet can fall off of a semi-truck, and be beaten up with a baseball bat and still look brand new!

Watch the video for yourself and shop Central for Metro’s Transport Armour!

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