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Luv the Nug: Scotsman Ice’s Chew-In Events and Prodigy Machines

Luv the Nug Truck

Since 2011, Scotsman Ice’s Luv the Nug truck has traveled the United States sharing the ever-so-popular nugget ice. This soft and chewable and was created by Scotsman just over 32 years ago.  Little did they know they started a revolution in ice chewing.

e Nug

People’s Passion for Nugget Ice

People’s interest and passion for nugget ice grew to become so popular that Scotsman rolled out this Luv the Nug truck.  It hit the ground running and makes stops all over to meet with end users so everyone can share their love for nugget ice.

This week’s video speaks volume about how much people really love Scotsman’s nugget ice.  One of the businesses featured shares how people will pay over $2 just for a cup of it.

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Scotsman’s Prodigy™ machines that produce the ice are reliable, eco-friendly, cost less and are proactive in their own maintenance. More particular into the self maintenance, the Prodigy™ machines have self-monitoring technology that communicates with easy to understand universal language symbols. They also have external lights that indicate operational status and warn of possible production interruptions (which can save a restaurant or foodservice a huge headache).

Prodigy™ machines also have hard water condition detection that purge mineral-laden water with every freeze cycle.  This reduces scale build-up and extends time between cleaning.  Last, these machines have Agion™, an antimicrobial agent that reduces the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and yeast within an ice machine. So foodservices, restaurants and Luv the Nug fans all over can rest assured Scotsman’s nugget ice is great! Interested in putting nugget ice at your establishment? Shop online or watch this week’s video from Scotsman.

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