Prevent Cross-Contamination and Promote Food Safety with T&S Electronic Faucets

Food Safety and Cross-Contamination

Each September, the National Restaurant Association celebrates Food Safety Month. For 2013, they emphasized on allergic reactions and how to prevent them in customers.  Cross-contamination was one of the topics mentioned that can cause a person suffer from an allergic reaction.  It can be easy for cross-contamination to occur, as it is simply when a bacteria has been transferred from one item to another resulting in a foodborne illness or allergic reaction.

Each year, nearly one in six Americans becomes ill due to a foodborne illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  When it comes to allergic reactions, the Association for Allergy Safety & Education defines it as one of the leading causes. Many easy steps can be taken to avoid cross-contamination, one of those being handwashing.

electronic faucetHandwashing

In a kitchen, workers handle several different types of food and can use a multitude of products to avoid cross-contamination from cutting boards to safety kits. However, if a person in a kitchen doesn’t properly wash hands from going from one item to the next, or touches a contaminated handle after properly washing hands, it can cause issues for customers.

Electronic Faucets: T&S’ Solution to Cross-Contamination

T&S Brass has been a leader in the foodservice and plumbing industry for over 65 years and never fails to invent innovative solutions. Their contamination-free electronic faucets are one of the ways they tie into food safety. T&S knew cross-contamination from handwashing was an issue, so they created the electronic faucet to ensure there wasn’t any physical contact during the handwashing process.  Once the sensor has been activated, the water begins to run.

In addition to preventing cross-contamination, T&S’ electronic faucets are easier to maintain than traditional faucets as they have fewer moving parts and potential leak points.  They also provide dramatic water savings because they only turn on when one’s hands have met the sensor.

These electronic faucets are an incredibly useful and health conscious tool for kitchens to ensure food safety.  By not touching the faucet to turn it on or off, restaurants and foodservices are removing any impurities brought to a sink.

In addition, foodservices will also appreciate how easy it is to install one of T&S’ electronic faucets, which can be found in this video. For more information on these electronic faucets, watch the video and visit our our website.

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