Vulcan’s Mobile Fryer Filter Provides Cleaner Oil For A Better Tasting Product

Vulcan Mobile Fryer Filter

Filtering oil is an essential task to extend the life of your fryi515-214ng oil, and saves you money over time. The appearance and taste of your food will suffer if you don’t regularly filter your oil. Filtering oil must be a quick and easy task, which is why Vulcan’s mobile fryer filter is a perfect choice for your foodservice operation!

Vulcan’s mobile fryer filter easily rolls up to any fryer to drain and filter oil. Constructed out of 16 gauge stainless steel, this mobile fryer filter has a stainless steel handle and caster for easy mobility throughout your restaurant.

The best part about Vulcan’s mobile fryer filter? Any operator can easily disassemble the unit in less than one minute. Even if your foodservice operation is during a busy service, the mobile fryer filter can easily be moved in, disassembled and filter your oil in little to no time at all!

Watch this week’s video to see how the Vulcan mobile fryer filter disassembles in less that one minute and shop Central to purchase a unit of your own!

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