Rubbermaid’s WaveBrake® Mop Bucket Reduces Splashing By 40%

When it comes to the food service industry, spills can happen frequently. Rubbermaid’s WaveBrake® mop bucket and wringer system helps to reduce splashing, which allows for a safer food service environment, cleaner floors and improved productivity throughout your operation. There’s a reason why Dr. Allen Badeau, Principle Research Engineer calls the WaveBrake® “the Ferrari of buckets”.

The WaveBrake® Mop Bucket

The WaveBrake® was radically redesigned to compete against ordinary buckets. The shape of the WaveBrake® is totally different and the internal features aren’t what you typically see in traditional buckets.

“Using computational fluid dynamics, we were able to show that the newly redesigned WaveBrake® bucket produces about 40% decrease in the amount of splashing as compared to old bucket,” said Dr. Allen Badeau.

FeaturesRubbermaid WaveBrake

The first piece of the WaveBrake® that helps dissipate energy, reducing in splashing, is the baffles located at the front of the bucket. As waves build in the bucket, the highest energy is in the center and as they crash into the front, three front baffles will help push the water to the center. This process reduces the amount of splashing when you move the WaveBrake® around.

The new redesign of the bucket includes a wavy wall in the back. This wall will also contribute in dissipating energy, which requires breaking the surface tension of the water. It also pushes the water away which reduces the overall impact. The wavy wall extends the full height of the boat, which means it will help dissipate energy no matter how full the bucket is.

The WaveBrake® also includes internal baffles that extend from the bottom of the bucket to about midway up. These baffles, just like the ones located in the front, constantly break the surface tension of the water at their highest point of energy. Not only do they reduce velocity, they also dissipate energy through the entire flow.

With the new redesign of Rubbermaid’s WaveBrake® bucket, splashing is reduced by 40% allowing for a faster, smoother cleanup process. Watch this week’s video to view the Rubbermaid WaveBrake® in detail, and shop Central for your WaveBrake® needs!

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