The Edlund ARC Slicer Saves On Labor and Cost

The Edlund ARC Slicer

Edlund’s ARC fruit and vegetable slicer features a unique design that allows for soft and hard produce to be sliced in the same machine. No other manual slicer can accommodate hard or soft produce except for the ARC Slicer. The Edlund ARC Slicer saves on time, space and money for your operation.

Features & Benefits

If you’re for a heavy duty slicer that can do it all, the Edlund ARC Slicer is for you! Finger and hands do not have to come in contact with any razor blades or anything sharp so yEdlund ARC Slicerou can avoid cuts and injuries. Four fitted suction cups keep the slicer securely in place every time it’s used. This slicer is constructed completely out of stainless steel, so it can be put in a flight-type dish machine, pot sink or sprayed down.

Even the blade cartridge can be taken out safely and ran through a dishwasher. A wash guard is included that fits on top of the blades and can easily be removed and put in the washer without exposing the sharp sides. There are three different cartridge and blade sizes available, 3/8”, 3/16” and 1/4” so you can choose the best fit for your restaurant. This slicer also accommodates up to a 4”D pan.

The Edlund ARC Slicer is designed, developed and manufactured in Edlund’s offices and factory in Berlington, Vermont. This product is the definition of innovation redefined. Watch this week’s video to see how you can save on time, space and money using the ARC Slicer and shop Central for all of your food prep needs. From lemons and berries to cucumbers and onions, the Edlund ARC Slicer can do it all!

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