Vulcan KleenScreen Plus Filtration

Vulcan KleenScreen PLUS® Fryer Filters: Paper or Envelope?

KleenScreen PLUS® Filtration by Vulcan

When it comes to fryers, it’s critical to have a filtration system. Vulcan equipment created the KleenScreen Plus® which has a patented drawer style design. This filtration system is available as a paperless filter screen or a fabric filter envelope. Both are lightweight and have a large filter pan capacity.

Vulcan KleenScreen Plus FiltrationPaper or Envelope: Which Is Better?

When it comes to choosing the proper KleenScreen PLUS® filter, the goal is to remove as much particulate as possible. Paper filters typically remove 25 to 30 microns while the envelope removes 0.5 microns. What does this mean to you as a restaurant owner? The smaller the micron count, the more that is filtered.

So while the paper filter is effective, many particulates can still slip through. By choosing the envelope, you are removing 95% of particulates out of oil such as flour, carbon deposits, graphite and red blood cells.

The KleenScreen PLUS® envelope will also extend the life of your oil life anywhere from 200 to 400 percent and extends the envelope life from 10 to 14 days. This filter is FDA and NSF approved and provides labor, filtration powder and energy usage savings.

How much in savings? By using the KleenScreen PLUS®, restaurants can save an average of $3.74 a day (or $1,364 a year).


Not only does the KleenScreen PLUS® provide a variety of cost savings, it’s also incredibly easy to clean. Click to watch a video about cleaning these envelope filters, and shop online at for Vulcan fryers and KleenScreen PLUS® filters.

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