K Series Kettle

Vulcan K Series Kettles: Making the Perfect Soup Stock

Want to make the perfect soup stock? It all starts with the right ingredients and the right equipment.

Vulcan K Series Kettles

The Vulcan K Series kettles are steam jacketed and perfect for soups, stocks and sauces. The low temperature, easy controls, embossed gallon markings, and true working capacity are all the quality features you would expect from Vulcan. These kettles are versatile and ideal for many establishments – restaurants, colleges, universities, or school food service.  Watch the video to learn more!

The Perfect Soup Stock

K Series Kettle

Mike Burke, Product Line Manager at ITW Food Equipment Group, tells us how to make the perfect stock.  All you need is vegetables, meat, and some spices.  You start by baking the bones, and paint them with some tomato sauce. Next, add the mirepoix (chopped celery, onion, and carrots) and add back to the oven.  Get the spices ready in a sachet d’epices, and get the kettle ready. The key to a good stock is starting with cold water. Add the meat, vegetables, and spices and set to simmer. You can let it simmer all night. Next morning, take out the spice bag, and start the straining. Vulcan’s pouring lip strainers are a perfect accessory to help you easily strain the stock.  Just a second straining with a fine mesh strainer, and you’re set – Ready for the refrigerator for storage!

Easy Cleaning

The K Series Kettles are easy to clean.  Simply remove the attached strainer, and with an optional hose assembly, you can spray the kettle out in the tilted position.

Shop Central

Vulcan’s K Series Kettles come in many size options – gas and electric. Check them out online now! Make your own perfect soup stock and let us know how it turns out!

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