Lakeside Queen Mary Breakdown Cart

Lakeside Queen Mary Breakdown Cart Makes Presorting Dishes Easy!

Lakeside Queen Mary Breakdown Cart

Organizing the dirty and clean dishes can get messy and stacking incorrectly can cause cracking or breakage. Lakeside solved this problem with their soil dish breakdown cart, also known as a Queen Mary breakdown cart. This unit provides restaurants, caterers, foodservices, etc. huge labor savings as it helps establishments easily presort soiled dishes.

Lakeside queen mary cart options



The Lakeside queen Mary breakdown cart has a completely welded stainless steel U-frame construction that is easy to clean and sanitize. Each of the shelves are constructed of sturdy 14 gauge and has angled and flat shelves.

  • Angled shelves are pitched at 20 degrees to create a slanted shelf system. This system includes a clear plastic drain tube which will allow any excess liquids to drain without causing a mess.
  • Flat shelves feature marine front edge, side and back rails to prevent dripping and accidents.

This model has 8″ non-marking casters and for transport, the bottom perimeter has bumpers to protect walls and doorways. It also includes slides for an optional 12″x20″x2″ drain pan.


To assist with organization, foodservices can purchase a drain pan holder or plate scraper for the Lakeside queen Mary breakdown cart.

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Learn more about the Lakeside Queen Mary breakdown cart on our website, or contact a Product Consultant at 800-215-9293.

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