Lakeside Tough Transport utility cart

Lakeside’s Tough Transport® Utility Carts Get the Job Done

Finding the Right Heavy Duty Utility Cart

When it comes to utility carts, there are carts perfect for the every day light transport, but for heavy duty jobs, it’s imperative to use one fit for the task. Lakeside Manufacturing has been serving the restaurant and foodservice industry for over 60 years with one of their latest innovations being the Tough Transport® utility cart. This cart will definitely handle those heavy duty tasks.

Tough Transport

Each Tough Transport utility cart can hold up to 1000 pounds. Keep in mind when viewing cart capacities, make sure the weight is spread evenly throughout each shelf. Carts that are this heavy duty are ideal for receiving docks and storage rooms to help move items quickly and efficiently. They can be used on uneven tile floor surfaces, as well as carpet, outdoor concrete, thresholds and elevators up to 18 hours a day.

Lakeside Tough Transport utility cartTo increase the strength, Lakeside designed the Tough Transport utility cart to have a rugged “U” shaped frame with angled stainless steel. They also made sure all joints were continuous heliarc welded and used 14 gauge stainless steel shelves with reinforced edges.  It’s stainless steel construction makes it resistant to rusting and staining.

Transporting from point A to point B is easy as the cart has four heavy duty casters, two 5″ non-marking swivel casters and two 8″ fixed casters. It also includes a bumper which will protect walls, furniture, equipment and more.

Tough Transport utility carts are available with two or three shelves depending in a variety of widths to fit any foodservice establishment’s needs. The shelves on this utility cart have a raised edge on three sides to contain spills or hold items in place. It is also very easy to clean and sanitize by simply steam cleaning or wiping down.

Learn About Carts and Shop Lakeside

Central put together a carts buying guide to help you determine the right cart for your work needs. Also, check out for Lakeside’s assortment of products, including the Tough Transport utility carts.

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