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Recent statistics from a Wine Institute/Gomberg, Fredrikson & Associates study showed that wine consumption once again rose in 2013, with total wine “consumption per resident” reaching 2.82 gallons – up 4% over 2012. While some of that may be consumed on a Thursday evening geared around a certain network’s TV lineup, more and more diners are looking to add a glass or two of vino with dinner at their favorite restaurant. If you are not lucky enough to have room for a wine cellar in your establishment’s basement – how do you ensure you are serving your reds and whites at the peak temperature and freshness? Consider a Eurodib Serving Cabinet from Central Restaurant.

Eurodib Wine Merchandisers are a Perfect Solution

Eurodib cabinets keep your wine fresh and at the right temperature

Eurodib cabinets keep your wine fresh and at the right temperature

Central recently added several new Euordib cabinets to our online assortment. Models include the 36″H undercounter MH-54DZ that is perfect for your front-of-house bar or the full-height MH-168SZ and MH-168DZ with extended capacity. All models feature a stylish black finish with stainless steel door frame. These coolers have a stylish look that will blend into any environment and can also be used as an ageing cabinet. LED lighting adds to the presentation without creating the extra heat a fluorescent bulb can introduce into the cabinet. Door locks are standard to ensure complete security.

All models use a thermostatic cabinet to maintain accurate temperature, and beech wood shelves help to regulate the humidity. The MH-168SZ has a single compartment that can be adjusted between 41 and 61.4°F. Offer a variety of wine types? The MH-54DZ Undercounter and MH-168DZ models have two separate zones that allow red wines to be stored at a proper 50 to 64.4°F while you keep your white and sparkling wines at a colder 41 to 50°F. Setting and monitoring temperatures is easy with a multi-function digital control visible through the glass door.

Capacity is king too. The full height, single zone MH-168SZ can hold up to 176 bottles of wine in their proper horizontal position on 16 shelves . The 36″H undercounter model still holds up to 46 bottles on 16 shelves.

Shop at Central with Confidence

This 36"H undercounter model is great for front-of-the-house

This 36″H undercounter model is great for front-of-the-house

Still have questions? Talk with one of our knowledgeable Product Consultants by calling 800-215-9293 – or use our online chat option. We also carry a wide selection of wine glasses and stemware for every operation. And if this is your first time offering wines, our Central Restaurant blog has previously covered this topic, including the a September 2014 guide to equiping for wine season and a help with understanding everything from Stemware to Service.

 Feature image courtesy Jakub and his Foodie’s Feed.

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