Manitowoc Neo Series: The Everywhere You Need Ice Machine

There’s no red pill/blue pill choice when it comes to Manitowoc ice machines. Their NEO series of undercounter machines were built in the real world – not the Matrix – and deliver supreme efficiency, convenience and value to your foodservice restaurant or institution.

Neo Means ‘New’

Simple yet powerful, Manitowoc’s NEO undercounter ice machines were designed as a new approach to ice production. Engineers looked to improve three categories: Performance, Intelligence and Convenience. The result was the “everywhere you need ice machine.”

The Simplicity of the NEO Control Panel

The Simplicity of the NEO Control Panel

Performance – Engineers designed the NEO series with enhanced durability and reliability, redesigning components including their proprietary evaporator technology that achieves an average reduction in energy use of 10% and a 22% reduction in water use. A redesigned door and new “easy to service” modular design continued the innovations. Production capabilities now range from 132 to 304 lbs. per 24 hours and industry leading bin capacities maximize your value in a small, under-counter space.

Intelligence – The NEO series machines are more than just a pretty face. Engineers added a powerful operator panel to the front of the machine, allowing easy control and monitoring over the machine. In addition to an illuminated on/off button, a delay function allows you to pause ice production up to 24 hours for slow periods or days when you are closed. A clean button activates that cycle and remains lit to notify all of that status. The bin level indicator shows whether the bin is empty or full in three levels without opening the lid. Finally, a service indicator warns the operator in advance of potential problems that can cause downtime. Manitowoc also realized that today’s foodservice workforce is diverse, so they moved to universally recognized display icons that are easy to understand no matter what language is spoken.

Access All the Machine Components Easily

Access All the Machine Components Easily

Convenience – NEO’s size means it is convenient for many applications. All NEO machines have a 38-1/2″ height, making them perfect for use in kitchen or under bar counters or as a stand-alone unit in churches, office break rooms or other occasional use environments. Base units are 28″ wide, with the higher capacity machines adding just 2 inches of width. The included ice scoop is stored inside the sealed food-zone bin for added safety. Finally, service and maintenance is a snap with a forward-sliding storage bin and easy access to refrigeration components without having to move the entire ice machine.

Central Offers the NEO Series In-Stock

While we don’t have an Agent Smith working on the Central Restaurant sales force, we do have dozens of knowledgeable Product Consultants with one simple goal: to help you find the right equipment and supplies for your needs at a competitive price.

Plus, Central Restaurant not only carries the entire line of NEO models, but stocks the most popular models at our Indianapolis warehouse for Same-Day FREE Shipping. When you order one of the below air cooled, half-dice ice producing models before 5 p.m. EST (Monday-Friday), we’ll ship it out to you immediately.

240-353 UY-0140A 132 lb. Production, 80 lb. Bin
240-354 UY-0190A 193 lb. Production, 80 lb. Bin
240-355 UY-0240A 225 lb. Production, 80 lb. Bin
240-356 UY-0310A 304 lb. Production, 100 lb. Bin

Our Product Consultants will be happy to help you order other NEO machines too, including those producing full dice or regular cubes, as well as water cooled units. Call 800-215-9293 or online with our live chat option. Also be sure to ask about available 0% financing options available through 12/31/14.

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