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Delicious Cookies to Enjoy This Holiday Season

Some of my favorite memories from the Holiday Season are gathering around with family to bake and decorate cookies. Now-a-days, there are countless recipes floating around the internet that you just have to try. We’ve rounded up the most scrumptious recipes we could find from the classics to cookies you would have never thought of trying!


Classic Sugar Cookies

When I think of baking cookies for Christmas, I think of sugar cookies. They’re soft, savory, and so much fun to decorate! Did you know that the first sugar cookie goes all the way back to the mid-1700s in Nazareth, Pennsylvania? According to Cook CFB, German Protestants first created the cookie which used to be known as the Nazareth Cookie. Now, we all know and love it by the name sugar cookie.


Tip: For a unique decorating technique, try using Royal Icing!




Gingerbread Cookies

Photo Credit: Cooking Classy

Photo Credit: Cooking Classy

Gingerbread is used in a plethora of delicious recipes. Perhaps most famous for brightly candy decorated houses, gingerbread is considered another “classic” holiday treat. However, we want to give credit to the beloved Gingerbread cookies. Traditionally, these cookies are crisp and flavorful, but modern tweaks to the recipe have made deviations that are soft and chewy or even converted into “cookie bars.”







New Cookies to Try

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Photo Credit: Handle The Heat

While we find it important to keep your family traditions of baking the “classics,” we also encourage you to try a few new recipes this holiday season! We rounded up the most unique and delicious looking cookie recipes that we could find. Give them a try and let us know how they turn out in the comments!





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