Customer Spotlight: Chive Kitchen

Each month we will feature Central customers to showcase their business and provide tips and ideas for any of you in the restaurant industry! This month’s article features Chive Kitchen.


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A brand new restaurant located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, the Chive Kitchen is owned by self-proclaimed “foodie” Suzy Silvestre. Developed from a love of good food, Chive Kitchen is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant that focuses on quality, composed dishes, where it is a priority to source all products as local and as fresh as possible. Silvestre has held soft openings of the restaurant over the past month to test dishes with the public and adjust to the learning curve that accompanies opening a new restaurant. Once fully opened, the restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. It will also have a bar area.


Silvestre expresses the difficulties of being a vegan/ vegetarian and wanting to dine out in Farmington, noting that “options in the area were limited.” Her solution was to open a restaurant of her own, boasting non-traditional vegan and vegetarian dishes. Silvestre has experience cooking creative vegan dishes and decided it was time to branch out from her corporate job in marketing and leverage her experience and love of the industry. Now specializing in high quality, comfort food, Chive Kitchen wants to appeal to the general population of “foodies” – not just the vegan / vegetarian market. Silvestre says “we want meat lovers, vegans and everyone in between to walk away loving our dishes.”


Delicious Vegan/ Vegetarian Dishes

Vegan House Italian Sausage Sandwich with Pepperoni Essence Aioli Grilled Peppers and Onions with a Basil Pesto

Vegan House Italian Sausage Sandwich with Pepperoni Essence Aioli Grilled Peppers and Onions with a Basil Pesto

The focus of Chive Kitchen is to create dishes that have a unique appeal – dishes that break the stereotype of “boring vegan or vegetarian food” and offer a melting pot of flavors to the menu. Silvestre notes that many recipes on the menu are creations from her home kitchen, but she also “relishes in the fun of creating new and innovative dishes with [their] trained kitchen manager to bring a fresh take on vegan fare.” Flavor profiles for the restaurant range from Portuguese and Western European influences to California Mexican and local Michigan favorites, such as the Coney dog. Among several spins on traditional foods, one of the most unique dishes that has been crafted is tofu chicharrón soft tacos with house made mole sauce. Silvestre taste tested the dish with her staff who are not vegans and noted that the reviews were amazing!


Experience with Central

Silvestre utilized Central’s friendly and knowledgeable product consultants to order tables and chairs for Chive Kitchen. Silvestre tells us, “I was extremely satisfied with the process of ordering, the delivery time and the quality of our tables and chairs. Once the tables and chairs were set up in our space, it felt like everything had finally come together.”

Chive Kitchen

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Love of the Industry

When asked what her favorite part is of owning Chive Kitchen, Silvestre states that she has enjoyed watching everything come together. After dreaming of opening her restaurant for years, it is finally coming to fruition. She explains, “Now, I have a staff that feels like family, a space that feels like home and I cannot express how much I enjoy watching customers coming in and sharing my love for good food.”


We have enjoyed following their story and encourage you to do the same on their Facebook page! And if you find yourself anywhere near Farmington Hills, Michigan, we highly recommend that you stop in to see Suzy and taste her delicious creations!

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