3 Essential Pizza Tools and Equipment for Your Restaurant

Pizza Tools and Equipment

People love pizza! The key to increasing regulars is consistent results and service. To make the perfect product over and over, you need the right pizza tools and equipment. Take some time to check your current tools and equipment. From here, determine what you can do to help your bottom line.

Pizza Ovens

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Deck and conveyor pizza ovens serve different purposes. Depending on the type of pizza you serve and your operation type, you might not be using the right oven. Deck ovens are great for crispy pizza. They use a conduction method of heat for an even bake. Also, they can accommodate several other menu items and provide the same great even bake. Deck ovens are an essential pizza tool for pizzerias and casual, full-service or larger scale restaurants. If you need something that cooks quick and is easy for any skill level, consider a conveyor oven. They provide a great pizza that you can deliver to your customer in a short amount of time. Plus, they are easy to operate and do not need the attention a deck oven would when it comes to cooking. Learn more about deck and conveyor ovens to find the best one for you!

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Pans and Screens

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For the best final pizza product, using the right pizza pan or screen is crucial. Trays are great for a variety of crusts. They are great for the entire cooking and serving process to cut down on pizza tools used. For crispier crust, go with a pizza screen. Their perforated design allows the air to move through evenly for that perfect slice. Serving deep dish? There are a variety of deep dish pizza pan constructions to accommodate your budget. Pizza stones are another great option for crispy crust in artisan operations. Why? When preheated they transfer that heat to the product. Learn more about pizza pans and stones to determine if you are using the right serving and cooking pizza tools.

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Serving and Holding

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After the cooking process is over, you need the right pizza tools to hold and serve your pizza. Make sure you have the right tools to easily cut and serve. There are a variety of pizza tools, such as blades and rocker knives to make the process seamless. For delivery operations, make sure you have the right pizza holding cabinet.  This ensures your pizza stays warm. You need to have a cabinet that distributes heat evenly. You also need to ensure food remains at food safe temperatures. It can also be a challenge to maintain that heat if you need to deliver that pizza to a home. Invest in an insulated pizza bag that will ensure that pizza stays hot for customers. There are even some units with racks to help drivers pull out different orders. This pizza tool also helps prevent boxes from collapsing or smashing other boxes.

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Looking for the right pizza tools and solutions for your restaurant or pizzeria? Central can help! Give us a call at 800-215-9293 and shop our pizza section. We have a variety of essentials to provide the perfect pizza that will keep customers coming back!

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  1. Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for going over some equipment that a pizza shop should have. You mentioned that pizza stones could be a good option because they can transfer preheated heat to the product. It sounds like this could be very good to consider if you are going to be using the oven for a long period of time.

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