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Foodservice Industry News Week in Brief: August 5, 2016

Welcome to the end of the week! Check out this week’s top foodservice industry news stories, Central blogs and promotions for the week of August 1-5, 2016!

Foodservice News

  1. QSR Magazine: Drive-Thru Technologies That Improve Customer and Operator Experience
  2. Inside Massimo Bottura’s Master Plan to Conquer Food Waste
  3. The 50 Most Delish Flatbreads
  4. NPR The Salt: QUIZ: What Were Restaurants Like 100 Years Ago?
  5. Nation’s Restaurant News: Papa John’s hits ‘grand slam’ with partnership
  6. National Restaurant Association: What You Need to Know About Service Animals
  7. QSR Web: Using Kitchen Equipment to Enhance Food Safety
  8. Free Burritos Helped Chipotle’s Foot Traffic – and Hurt the Competition
  9. QSR Magazine: 6 Customer Service Lessons for Young Millennials
  10. Huffington Post: 17 Truths Every Taco Lover Knows In Their Heart

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