Prepping Your School Kitchen

It seems as if the school year is starting earlier and earlier every year, giving you less time to prep your kitchen for the next school year. Whether you will have elementary, middle school or high school students about to flood the halls, we have outlined the top equipment and supplies your school kitchen needs in order to be prepared for this school year!


230-034Convection Ovens

Why are convection ovens necessary? They boast faster cooking, more even cooking, better browning and energy savings! Convection oven’s versatility simplifies cooking, especially when cooking for such a large crowd! With models that roast, bake, warm and rethermalize, convection ovens will be one of your most utilized pieces of equipment in the kitchen.




Steamers, as you would guess, utilize steam to cook foods! With this equipment, steam transfers heat, opposed to the pan in other methods of cooking, giving your product a more even finish. These units make it very difficult to overcook your food and even give the product a much moister dish. An additional major benefit to steam cooking is that vitamins are retained throughout the cooking process – a big deal to parents of little ones! Utilize a steamer to cook poultry, rice, breads, seafood, steaks and vegetables!



570-049Tilt Skillet Braising Pan

Tilt skillets are hardworking machines that multitask for you! Tilt skillets combine features of a skillet and a kettle so that you are able to braise, simmer, boil, cook and more! No more guessing if you will have a good match of macaroni and cheese – the tilt skillet heats evenly and give you predictable results every time.




692-009  Ranges

For everyday cooking, commercial ranges are a staple! Electric ranges are recommended for school applications because of their ease of use. Temperature is easy to control on electric ranges which creates a more evenly finished product. Central offers a wide variety of set ups that allows you to have a unit that has burners and a griddle!





When you are cleaning up after potentially thousands of students on a daily basis, having an appropriate level of dishwasher is essential to the cafeteria running smoothly. Properly sizing a dishwasher depends on several factors – determine what size your school needs from our dishwashers buying guide.




664-091_2    Floor Matting

Going hand-in-hand with your dishwasher, put safety first and ensure that you have proper floor matting!




Your kitchen is not complete yet! Aside from these main pieces of equipment, you will also need milk coolers, reach-ins and walk-ins, ice machines, open air merchandisers, glass door merchandisers, hot food tables and food prep supplies. Browse our School Homeroom page to see all of the top school equipment and supplies. Call one of our helpful product consultants at 1-800-215-9293 with any questions or live chat with them now!


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