commercial kitchen equipment

The Importance of Choosing Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Your Restaurant

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When outfitting a restaurant or foodservice operation, it is important to choose commercial kitchen equipment. It might be easy to run around the corner and pick up a residential unit. In the long run, it will be the more expensive route. If budget is an issue, you can work to find a commercial unit in your price range. But you need to know the reasons why residential items should not even be an option for your kitchen.

Proper Performance

When working at a restaurant, you are constantly using your commercial kitchen equipment. This type of equipment is constructed to handle the heavy duty use and abuse that a kitchen brings. There are many features of each to help it meet your needs.

commercial kitchen equipmentThere are other elements of performance that are important for commercial kitchen equipment. For instance, different types of blenders, food processors, etc. will have a higher horsepower and better motor that is made to last. If you purchase a residential unit and use it in a commercial setting, it will not last long.

Then in other areas such as refrigeration or cooking equipment, they have larger capacities and more durable features. This will make your restaurant be more efficient.

Commercial is also important for some smallwares. For instance, airpots and coffee servers that are commercial grade will hold temperature much longer. So when you are debating spending a few less dollars on a residential product, know that it will cost you more long-term.

Think of it this way: If using residential equipment in a commercial kitchen, you are basically throwing money out the door.

Safety Features

Commercial kitchen equipment and supplies will have the proper safety features to keep your employees from injuries.

commercial kitchen equipmentThere are also standards put in place on commercial grade equipment, including the NSF rating. The NSF label ensures the piece of equipment meets health standards and will pass inspection if the Health Department drops by.

Keep in mind, if you fail your inspection, it will cost to have the health department come back. And if your restaurant had to be shut down, you would have to pay again to have your health permit reinstated. Play it safe and make sure you use NSF rated equipment in the areas that require it. Learn more about commercial food equipment standards from the National Sanitation Foundation’s website.

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6 thoughts on “The Importance of Choosing Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Your Restaurant

  1. Jolin Tay

    Commercial kitchen Equipment are the basic and must needed thing for your restaurant. Equipment should be of high quality and should be placed at the perfect place as it save the kitchen from becoming as mess.

  2. Baxter Abel

    I like your tip to consider safety features when considering what restaurant equipment to buy. I worked for a restaurant not long ago and we had a dish washer that had a specific safety feature that protected me from getting cut by sharp knives once when the dishwasher malfunctioned and the knives fell out of their holder in the dishwasher. I also appreciate your tip to make sure the restaurant equipment you consider as possessing proper performance.

  3. Hope Wittig

    Thank you, Baxter! Safety should be a top concern for restaurant owners as well as proper performance!

  4. John

    I can see why the article mentions that you want your restaurant kitchen equipment to work well when needed. It seems like performance should be one of the highest priorities when choosing which food service equipment to use for you restaurant. I know if it were me, I would want only the best equipment to help keep my staff running smoothly and my business thriving.

  5. Lucy Gibson

    You make a great point about how trying to save some money by purchasing residential equipment to use in a commercial kitchen will cost you more in the long run. It makes sense that things like refrigerators and cooking equipment will have larger capacities and more durable features. I would assume that any chef would also want to replace any worn-out parts with high-quality commercial parts. Restaurants rely on everything working properly in a kitchen. Waiting for certain parts to break before a replacing it could become a huge problem.

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