Central Restaurant Products Help Indiana Chefs Cook at the James Beard House

It’s been called many things – “America’s Culinary Shrine” and “the Holy Grail for Chefs” – but for four Indiana chefs, the James Beard House means the opportunity to showcase talent that’s taken years to perfect.

On December 2nd, four Hoosier chefs will get the opportunity of a lifetime to cook at the historic home and showcase their skills. This monumental feat for these chefs marks the second time ever and the second time in less than a year that the James Beard house has invited Indiana chefs to the famed establishment. The group of high caliber chefs will cook as a group to prepare a meal representing Indiana.

Indianapolis has become a reputable food scene in recent years, with the help of talented chefs migrating to the area and putting up high caliber restaurants. Indy chef and restaurant promoter, R.J. Wall, runs Chefs Night Off Indy which hosts monthly dinners where chefs can show off their creative talent for a group of devoted fans. Chefs Night Off Indy helped push Indiana chefs into the James Beard spotlight.

Now that these talented chefs are given the opportunity to go to New York and cook up a storm, they have to pay their own way and cover the cost of food and drink served. To help, several sponsors have stepped forward to cover these costs. Central Restaurant Products has supplied a grant to cover the cost of the December dinner, so we can be sure these chefs will get the funds they need to create an award-winning meal.

Be on the lookout for more fundraisers as the year goes on, such as food truck pop-ups and special dinners. Congrats to these phenomenal chefs and we look forward to helping you out with this prestigious dinner!

Featured Image Credit: James Beard Foundation

2 thoughts on “Central Restaurant Products Help Indiana Chefs Cook at the James Beard House

  1. Paul Sternberg

    Thank-you, Central Restaurant Products, for supporting the maturation of the Indianapolis dining scene and the continued recognition of our chefs on the national stage. The growth of high-quality dining in the Indianapolis area is a benefit to our residents, our local and native talent, and to those who visit Indiana and take their fine dining experiences back to their homes.

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